Apr 3rd A new look

There is a new look for TNLHosting and with this new look comes many new features.  You will now find us on FaceBook as well.

Mar 22nd eMail Verifications

For security reasons and to make sure all are able to get onto their accounts we are requiring everyone to verify their email address.   So if your address has not been verified on your next login you will be required to verify such.

All new accounts will need to verify their email address at time of account creation.

Nov 19th Billing system repairs

It was brought to our attention that the invoice and billing system was not billing and in such we just finnished the repairs.  As a result many recieved extra billing invoices which is in the process of being reviewed and invalled invoices deleted.

May 3rd Server upgrade

We are currently in the process of moving everyone to our new server with much more available over the next week.  This can cause some fluctuations or minor connection problems during the website move.

Mar 29th MAJOR Updates

As some may have noticed there are many changes in the process.  Some of these changes include a new look, much more features and functionality, as well as better overall function.  This should make thing a lot more user friendly.  Please feel free to tell us what you think.

Jun 29th Updates completed.

We have just updated the entire system to be more efficient and user friendly. In order to streamline and decrease overall cost of service we have changed credit card processors.  Our new processor will not me charging excessive fees lowering our cost allowing for us to provide a better service in the future.  In this process we have ... Read More »

Dec 7th Year end... 2012

This year is comming to a close and as we move into the new year we plan on springing into action with several updates and a new look. 


The affiliate program will be active and there will be good payouts for refering a friend.


We here at TNL wish you all a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sep 15th The new and improved TNLHosting...

  It's been a lot of work; the equipment and software updates are in place. Sites are almost all moved now to the new platform. The actual move should be complete this week. This will allow us to put our attention into updating the service plans, implement new features, and improve on the new platform. As stated before all services will ... Read More »

Aug 30th Upgrade status.

All is moving well now.  The http://webmail.tnlhosting.net webmail access link has been put back online now.  If you used webmail before and want to use the same program then select Squirrel Mail for your webmail program. The MY TNLHosting Account menu option will no longer go to the old systems.  You will need to use your ... Read More »

Aug 28th Service updates

  The transition to the new servers and billing/support system is running smoothly. There has been some invoice emails sent that are not valid, and was cancelled.  This is due to entering everything into the billing system initializing the accounts. We look forward to completing this transition around the 1st of September at which ... Read More »

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